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Based in Virginia

Our mission is to be the voice for those who cannot speak.

YOU can change lives by helping us help the homeless, abandoned, alone and discarded dogs, cats, horses and other animals. Find out how!   

Rescue Donations

Rescue Donations

Funding, fundraising, support and other services to help them be successful.

Zippy’s Fund

Zippy’s Fund

Assist animal rescues with spay/neuter/TNR of community cats.



Teach and inspire children to have compassion for all animals

Get Involved

Our mission can always use more help. Concat us to join our Mission.

About AAA

We're Here To Help The Animals Waiting For Their Rescue Angels.

Animal Angel Aid helps Animal Rescues & Organizations by providing funding, fundraising, support and other services to help them successfully rescue, rehab, and re-home very deserving animals. We assist community colony caretakers with assistance in providing shelters and care for their colony cats and canines.

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Successful Rescue

Abandoned Animals

Abandoned Animals

Humane Education

Humane Education

Medical Funds

Medical Funds


Be An Animal Advocate

What To Do If You Find An Abandoned Animal

There are many Facebook and community sites for lost or abandoned pets. If you can’t find one or don’t know where to report an animal you’ve found, EMAIL US!

Make A Secure Donation To Our Our 501 (c)3

When you help one, it's as if you've saved the world.


MISSION: Happy Paws

Bringing rescue, foster and adoption services to our heroes.


Raised : $179.000

Goal : $259.000


Zippy's Fund

Spay, neuter and TNR ( Trap, Neuter and Release) medical fund.


Raised : $116.000

Goal : $149.000


Wounded Paw Project

a great organization we support that supports our Veterans.


Raised : $219.000

Goal : $275.000

Fostering Gives Them A Future.

You've Got The Power To Change Lives!

You can make the U.S. NO-KILL just by FOSTERING! It’s an easy and fun experience guaranteed to change your life and the life of a deserving animal! Follow this link for life-changing WIN-WIN info.


Foster To Forever

Successful transitions for abandoned animals to find loving homes.


Active For Adoption

Always working to place deserving pets into great homes

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

- Someone Who Get's It

Help Us Help Them

100% Of Your Donations Go To Rescues And Support.

While others in “rescue” do it for money, we are 1oo% committed to giving all of the money donated to AAA back to worthy and qualified rescue groups, or support our programs of education and medical/health related issues. We don’t take salaries! 

Feedback Loop

What Others Say About Our Work

We network with a diverse group of individuals, organizations, companies, rescues, shelters and donors. Here’s what they have to say about us.


Community Cat Colony Caretaker - Manassas, VA

Your compassion, dedication, resourcefulness, and way you have with dealing with humans and animals alike is a true blessing to the world of homeless animals.

Rachel Amos
Rachel Amos

Co-Founder of the Bathe to Save National Tour

Brilliant Work!

Kelsey Hobar
Kelsey Hobar


Happy to help! I’m happy to be a part of this!

Jen Tate Adoption Coordinator
Jen Tate Adoption Coordinator

St. Francis Animal Rescue, Tampe FL

Amazing vision and support! St. Francis Animal Rescue is excited to be a Rescue Angel partner.

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