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Here at Animal Angel Aid, we love to feature adoptable animals from rescues across the country to help them get their #OverlookedRescueAngels adopted. Each week, our social media team searches for different rescues and shelters nationwide for these adoptable animal features. This week’s rescues are near and dear to our hearts because these are the rescues that you (our Facebook furriends) love and support! Do you know of a rescue or shelter that deserves a shoutout, or an animal who has been waiting far too long for a home? Reach out to us on our Facebook page and let us know! We may feature your recommendation in the future. This week, January 18-24, we will be featuring animals from  the following rescues on our Facebook page:

MAS Rescue, MD

Maryland Animal Society is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit group doing business under the name MAS Rescue, Inc. It was founded in 2005 by Mary Snyder to fulfill her dream and passion to save animals. MAS Rescue is a group that is dedicated to helping shelter animals whose time has run out and whose destiny is deemed perilous. An all volunteer organization, we have a heartfelt desire to save as many animals as possible and work tirelessly to provide all the love and care they need. MAS Rescue has saved and placed over 5,000 dogs and cats in loving forever homes.

Animals come to us from local shelters, some from distant shelters, while still others are displaced homeless animals found wandering the streets. We rescue, treat and rehabilitate animals through placement in volunteer foster homes for the purpose of eventual adoption into permanent homes that are loving and responsible. They are socialized with children, other animals, and are exposed to everyday family life. We take each animal for a vet check and provide the recommended care (routine and/or medically necessary). If an animal is 22 weeks or more they will always be spayed/neutered.

We require an adoption application, a signed contract and a fee. We will complete regular follow-up, including veterinarian follow-up on your new companion. If you are interested in adopting any of our furry four-legged friends, click on “Adopt Here” on this website, read our polices and procedures carefully and complete an application. The animals hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for considering adoption from a rescue organization!

Last Hope Animal Rescue, NY


Last Hope, Inc. is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of death-due pound, stray and abandoned animals.

Through its many programs, Last Hope is attempting to reduce the tremendous cat and dog overpopulation problem on Long Island, encourage responsible and economical pet ownership, and transform the public image of the typical pound animal.

All animals in our programs are neutered before adoption so no Last Hope animal will ever contribute to the cat and dog overpopulation problem.

All dogs are rescued from local municipal town shelters (pounds). Our cats are either death-due pound rescues or are rescued after being abandoned on the streets.

Nicholas Pet Haven, TX

Nicholas Pet Haven was started by Nicholas Nash when he was only 13. He is now 21 and has helped rescue so many animals and made some major changes for the dogs and cats. Please support his efforts as we continue to grow. Our Adoption House is located at 12903 Hwy 155 South in Tyler. Come meet our sweet rescued babies available for adoption! We are open from 10am-2pm, Monday-Saturday. If you are interested but need to meet at a different time, please contact us at the phone number provided on our Facebook or by messaging us. Thank you for your support!

Habitat 4 Hounds, GA

Habitat 4 Hounds is a volunteer run, foster home based dog rescue. We are a GA state licensed, certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Macon, GA. We do not have a physical shelter. Instead, we operate primarily through our foster homes and online databases. The majority of our dogs come from animal control facilities, where overcrowding leads to the euthanasia of millions of healthy, friendly pets every year. We are committed to providing the dogs that come into our rescue with love, structure and stability while they wait for their forever homes. We never euthanize animals due to space or time constraints. We also serve our community and adopters by educating and encouraging responsible pet ownership, with an emphasis on the need for spaying and neutering.

Pals For Paws, IN

Pals For Paws is a dog rescue group powered by an ALL-VOLUNTEER staff who are passionate about improving the lives of pets in their community. Our foster families provide homeless, abandoned, or abused pets with the love and training needed to heal their wounds, which allows them to make a successful transition into a new forever home.

Our MISSION is to reduce PET ABANDONMENT & OWNER SURRENDERS by holding adoption events, promoting low-cost spay/neuter programs, and by creating a compassionate, well-informed foster-home network. We are committed to creating a compassionate community where stray, abandoned, or neglected animals are non-existent; and where destroying animals is no longer used as a means of population control. Animals that are unwanted, abused, neglected, or ill; we are dedicated to ensuring their life from this point forward is an amazing one. 

This 501c3 NOT-FOR-PROFIT rescue proudly supports NO-KILL and PRO-SPAY/NEUTER philosophies. We rescue from high kill, overcrowded shelters from all over the United States. We vet, transport and foster pets until the perfect match is made between you and one of our adoptable pets! 

Pals for Paws is a 501(c)3 animal rescue. Every penny donated and every penny received through adoption fees goes right back into the organization. There are times when the volunteers have to dip into their pockets to help the animals. We do not euthanize because a pet is sick, heart-worm positive, or has a broken leg; we fix it all, big and small. We strive to go above and beyond when caring for and socializing our animals. We understand the importance of getting to know each and every animal available for adoption in an effort to place them in the most perfect home possible.

Homeless Animal Rescue Team, VA

HART is a non-profit 501(c)(3) no-kill animal rescue/support group, incorporated in 1990, that takes in and rehomes abused and unwanted dogs and cats. HART works with local veterinarians, foster homes, kennels, and trainers to provide temporary housing, medical care and, where appropriate, training for our animals until s/he is placed in a loving, carefully-screened new home. HART takes in older, sick, and injured animals as well as the readily adoptable and never takes just the pups and kittens, leaving mom behind. We seek to direct our resources where they are most needed and to alleviate or prevent suffering wherever we find it.

In carrying out our work, HART also helps people who require assistance relating to their pets due to failing health, financial reverses or other personal circumstances. To the extent possible, HART works with senior and indigent persons to enable these owners to keep their companion animals. HART also helps those who can no longer keep their pets by finding a responsible and loving new home for the animal. Finally, HART helps people who themselves rescue a dog or cat in distress, but are unable to provide long-term care for him/her, by relieving the rescuer of the emotional burden of turning the animal over to a public shelter where it may well be put to death.

HART operates with modest overhead expenses, thanks in large part to our strong volunteer corps. We maintain a minimally-staffed office, which has proven to be the most effective way of housing our organization, establishing a focal point for administering our programs, while providing the community convenient access to HART. The lion’s share of our revenues, 98.1% in the last reporting period, goes directly to benefit our dogs and cats. Many services and supplies are donated and our largest expenditures, veterinary services and boarding, are discounted. While these expenses are a necessary incident to HART’s work, we are constantly seeking – and finding – new ways of helping more animals with the resources available.

Animal Friends of Barbour County, WV

ANIMAL FRIENDS OF BARBOUR COUNTY is an organization of volunteers who are dedicated to saving the lives of surrendered, abused, neglected and stray companion animals in our rural West Virginia community.

As of July 1, 2019, our organization entered its 18th year of operation. While we’re justifiably proud of the work we’ve accomplished, we remain focused on the reality of the tasks still at hand.

Each of our volunteers takes pride in knowing that, because of our efforts, and the efforts of our network of rescue groups, thousands of Barbour County companion animals have found homes with families that love and cherish them.

We are a nonprofit organization (501(3)(c) certified), that relies solely on generous donors, an ambitious fund raising agenda and grant money to finance our operation. If you would like to help us continue our work on behalf of the animals, please click on the “How You Can Help” link in the list on the left to get more information.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue, MD

Since its founding, Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) has gone from a small non-profit sheltering a few horses to a full-scale, well-respected national rescue and rehabilitation facility sheltering 110 to 150 horses annually. All horses come through animal protection agencies from across Maryland and surrounding states.

After their rehabilitation, the horses are evaluated and provided the training needed to best prepare them for adoption. DEFHR utilizes principles of natural horsemanship in an effort to help each horse realize its full potential as an equine partner.

The mission of Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) is not only to rescue and rehabilitate suffering horses, but to prevent abuse and neglect through education and community outreach. DEFHR offers a wide variety of educational programs and internships, providing opportunities for experiential learning. DEFHR also shares online resources for learning about equine welfare, rescue and rehabilitation.

DEFHR’s successes are not possible without the hard work of many dedicated volunteers. Volunteers provide over 50,000 hours of service each year helping to rescue and rehabilitate horses, educating the community about equine abuse and neglect, and raising funds to provide for future horses in need. DEFHR offers a wide range of volunteer options, giving volunteers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected horses.

Pigsburgh Squealers Rescue, PA

Pigsburgh Squealers Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit pig rescue near Pittsburgh PA. Our mission is to provide a safe environment for pet pigs that are rescued from situations of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. PSR strives to educate the public about pigs as pets, advocating that compassion for animals is a basic moral necessity.

We attend events throughout the region to show Pittsburghers how wonderful pigs really are. We are mini pig hoof and tusk farriers, attend birthday parties and animal events, and regularly host open houses at our property in Tarentum.

Pigsburgh Squealers Rescue’s long term goals:

  • Promote mini pigs as the third recognized domesticated animal and pet by providing education and resources to the general public.
  • Provide a safe home for rescued mini pigs, a place for rehabilitation of pigs; and a welcoming environment for the community to become better acquainted with animals associated with food.
  • Educate the community about mini pigs as creatures and pets.
  • Educate the community about farm animals through volunteer programs, organization visits to our farm (schools, etc.), and allow community to work directly with the animals to learn more about them.
  • Educate the community about sustainable food options; farm animals are more than dinner, and educational programs are paramount in creating change within the food industry.
  • Create outreach program for children with disabilities.
  • Lobby for certain townships and boroughs to amend zoning restrictions on mini pigs where pigs are considered livestock and not allowed. Homeowners may amend individual zoning on their home, but process is difficult and doesn’t yield results.

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