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Based in Virginia


Animal Angel Aid's Diverse Support Programs

Whether It's TNR, Helping Community Cat Caretakers & Inspiring Youth to be SUPERHEROES for Animals - We Are Rescue Angels that Make A Difference Year-Round.



We help rescue partners find homes for abandoned, abused and/or homeless dogs and cats/kittens by cross-posting them on our pet adoption platforms.

About AAA...

YOUTH HUMANE EDUCATION is our #1 Priority!  Our goal is to inspire Compassion & Empathy for companion pets, homeless animals & wildlife

YOUTH HUMANE EDUCATION is our #1 Priority! Our goal is to inspire Compassion & Empathy for companion pets, homeless animals & wildlife

We believe humane education is the best way to prevent the homeless animal situation communities face. Our signature program is THE PAWTECTORS, a superhero themed, year-round youth humane education program for youth, ages 7-17.

Supporting Those Who Support Animal Rescue.

Too many times, colony cat caretakers are “on their own” to find the support and resources they need to continue their daily rescue work to help all kinds of animals. We’re here to support them, when we’re able, so they can be successful.



Homeless cats in colonies are managed with trap, spay/neuter, vaccinations and release. They then become part of a managed community colony and provided with daily food, shelter, and medical care as needed.



Helping advocate and educate local communities on the need for foster families that enables more rescues help more animals.

Love & Pets

Animal Rescue

Animal Fund

Food donations needed this summer to help colony cats/kittens:

  • Dry Food
  • Canned Food
  • Dewormer
  • Anti-ant/bug bowls for outdoor feeding stations
  • Cooling pads (for shelters)
  • Powdered milk Replacement for orphaned kittens


Click here for Our AMAZON WISH LIST!    We have an extensive list of rescues that we distribute donations to.

You Can Help

We Can't Do This Alone!

And we need your help!

Animal Angel Aid helps, when possible, assist community colony caretakers with assistance in providing shelters and care for their colony cats.   


Organization Partnerships

Organization Partnerships

Corporations, local businesses, pet rescue advocates can all help!


Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Individuals, families, youth groups, schools & more can all make a difference daily!


Volunteering Your Talents & Time

Volunteering Your Talents & Time

Foster, transport, marketing, social media, adoption events, fundraising & more!


Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach

The Pawtectors program activities are year-round & we welcome collaborations with animal-related business & advocates!