Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment.  We strongly encourage anyone looking to add a furry new member to their family to do their research & be ready for a 10-20 year commitment.    Consider not just the time, but the financial commitment – just like you would for your HUMAN family.   It’s really important that you can properly care for your pet not just now, but throughout their entire life with you.     


Step 1 – COMPLETE OUR ADOPTION QUESTIONNAIRE/APPLICATION online.  It typically takes us 48-72 hours to complete our review.   This includes vet checks (if you have current pets).   We will verify that they are in good health, current on vaccines and spayed/neutered.   We require all pets in a home to be spayed/neutered unless a vet designated health reason prevents this).

If you are renting, we will require proof from your landlord that you are allowed to have a pet.   

NOTE:  All applications are processed on a first-come basis.   We recommend that you provide names of multiple animals you are possibly interested in.   We will confirm your pet during the phone interview process. 

Step 2 – PHONE INTERVIEW.   We will schedule a telephone interview to make sure you & the pet you are interested in are the BEST POSSIBLE FIT for each other!  

Step 3 – COMPLETE PET ADOPTION AGREEMENT at the time of adoption pickup.    In the event an animal does not work out, we REQUIRE your pet be returned to ANIMAL ANGEL AID.   You are signing a legally binding agreement, so read it carefully & be prepared to abide by it 100%.

PET ADOPTION FEES:   They vary on the animal & the vetting it has received.    Our adoption fee cover vetting costs, food, shelter, and additional medical while in our care.   Our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, combo tested for FIV/FLV & have age appropriate shots. 

Upon adoption it is recommended that you take your pet to your vet for an introduction and general wellness exam.  You will be responsible for any remaining age appropriate shots, i.e. rabies and final distemper if appropriate.