“Give the Gift of Life & Love”

RESCUE ANGEL, CRAZY GOOD CAT SOCIETY & CRAZY GOOD DOG SOCIETY are our signature fundraising programs that donates 100% of the proceeds to animal rescues/organizations around the U.S.  

Are you:

  • purchasing for yourself,
  • purchasing for another animal lover,
  • a group looking to raise money for a specific animal rescue/organization
  • wanting to raise $$$ for Animal Angel Aid’s other signature programs – Zippy’s Fund or Shelter’s for Strays?

Our talented inhouse graphics artists have created designs to capture the heart of all DOG & CAT LOVERS.   Our jewelry is exclusively made for Animal Angel Aid.    All materials are animal-friendly.  We use faux leather for our inspiration bracelets and vegetable dyes.  

We’ve made raising $$$ for homeless animals PAWSITIVELY PROFITABLE, fun and easy!!   

Shop with us so we can support your favorite animal rescue.   If you’re a rescue, contact us today to ask how you can be an affiliate partner & keep 100% of profits for your 501c3.

Your time and money shopping with us ensures that more homeless animals across this country will benefit from improved living spaces and get the medical care they need while waiting for their forever homes.    Help shelters/rescues save more animals — Purchase jewelry and other RESCUE ANGELS products for a cause from our “RESCUE ANGEL”  collection.    Is there something you’re looking for & don’t see.   CONTACT US!