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Kitten 101 – Raising and Fostering Kittens – The Basics

It’s raining kittens, everywhere! Here is an overview of Kitten 101 to provide the basics if you adopt or find kittens to help them thrive. There are so many resources online too with in depth details.   Found kittens should be seen by a vet to ensure they are healthy. NEVER use FLEA treatment or medicated […]

7 Ways You Can Help FREE Chained Dogs

February 8 – 14 is “Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week” and we wanted to share their emotional daily struggle to survive, especially now in winter, and what you can do to make a difference for these forgotten dogs starting today. 

31 Tips for Successfully Introducing New Pets to Existing Pets

How exciting!   You’ve made that heartfelt, sometimes big, decision to adopt or bring another furry face to your household. It’s a very happy time, but somewhere in the midst, you will probably find yourself asking silently (or out loud) “how are my current furballs going to get along with the new one(s)?” Like most things with […]

Simply Fostering Animals Can Make the U.S. No-Kill

Fostering animals is, simply put, saving lives.  Giving the gift of love, and volunteering to be a homeless animal foster saves lives.  To foster an animal is to temporarily keep a homeless pet in your home until they are adopted or they can be taken into an animal shelter or rescue facility.  Almost every shelter, […]

New Year’s Resolution 2021 – Healthy, Happy Pets!

Just like humans, a pet’s health can sometimes change in the blink of an eye.   New foods, changes in household environment, maturing pets, weather, stress  – so many things can affect your pet’s overall well-being at different stages of their lives.    The only difference is they cannot tell us when they are hurting or not feeling good. You […]

Holiday Pet Safety

Now that Thanksgiving is over & the holiday season is upon us, this is the perfect time for us to go over some important tips to keep your pets safe and healthy. Your halls will be decked, your tables full of food and your house filled with guests…how can you keep your pets safe with […]