Be a Rescue’s Angel

Our Animal Angel Aid signature programs have made it their mission to “help those who have no voice“, the millions of deserving homeless animals waiting for their Rescues Angels to rescue them.



PAWTECTORS – Youth Humane Education

CrazyGoodCatSociety & CrazyGoodDogSociety

Donate to our Animal Emergency Medical Fund assisting Animal Rescues across the U.S. with their emergency medical needs

Volunteer/Donate to help rebuild, repair, renovate shelters/rescues and help colony animals in your community.

Teaching Children Animal Compassion, Responsible Pet Ownership & that they can be “the voice for those that have no voice”.

Cat & Dog Lovers share their RESCUE stories, plus people making a difference & saving lives.  100% of profits go to homeless animals.

Community Cat Estimates 

Cats are divided into three distinct populations—those who are personal pets, those being cared for by shelters and rescues and those who live their lives out in our communities. Community cats are friendly stray or abandoned cats as well as feral (unsocialized) cats. These cats are unowned, but may be provided with “Trap/Neuter/Release” food, water and/or shelter by caring individuals.  According to (The Humane Society of the US)


  • Estimated number of community cats in the U.S.:   30-40 million
  • Percentage of community cats who are spayed/neutered: 2%
  • Percentage of new kittens born each year produced by community cats: 80%
  • Percentage of people who believe leaving a community cat outdoors is preferable to having them caught & euthanized: 81%
  • Percentage of people providing food for community cats: 10 to 12%