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Ringing in the New Year can be full of celebrations, love, and lots of fun food and drinks. However, it can also be filled with danger and risks for your furry friends.

Read on for some helpful tips for keeping your pets safe, healthy and happy in the midst of all of the celebrating.

  • If you have outdoor pets, be sure and bring them inside before the festivities and outdoor fireworks begin.  For people with horses or outside animals, make sure they have a safe, secure space to spend the evening while noisy, outside celebrations are going on.   
  • Make sure your pets do have collars on, and with updated ID tags, especially dogs who are often more frightened than their feline counterparts.   Take a few minutes to verify your microchip contact info in the event you’ve had recent changes or simply can’t remember.   Being prepared for a worse case scenario may just help your pet in the event they do get outside & you’re aren’t able to readily catch them.
  • Be sure to keep your eye on all alcoholic drinks. The ingestion of alcohol in pets can lead to vomiting, unsteadiness and a drop in blood pressure. In certain cases, it can be fatal. Be sure all alcohol is kept out of reach and never unattended.
  • Be cautious of noisemakers and fireworks. While these are fun for you, they very well may terrify your pet. Make sure your pet is in a safe area, perhaps a separate room with comfort items and a place to hide. Make sure the pets do not have a way to escape as they may try to run when the noises start. Make sure all doors and windows are securely closed. Keep your pet inside during the noisy celebrations as they could be easily spooked and run.
  • Animals will often mistake non-edible products as a snack. Immediately clean up all confetti, streamers and other celebratory objects they can accidentally injest. No one wants to start the new year off at an animal hospital!
  • If you notice your pet developing anxiety, provide them with comforting items, food, water and try and distract them with play or relaxing activities. Some suggest putting the TV, radio or even a fan on to distract from the noise.
  • If you are having guests, make sure they know you have pets and make them aware to leave them in their quiet space.    Even put a PET ZONE sign on the door to the space so guests know exactly where you furry children are.  This will help prevent any accidental escapes.  It is beneficial to warn your guests not to feed your pets any human food or snacks. Some people may not be aware of the risks of food and alcohol to pets.
  • In the event your pet does get out, be prepared with food, treats and favorite toys, to coax your frightened animal back in.  Take a leash with you because you will want a means to secure them if loud, outside noises are still going on.  Often when pets are in a fear-based mode, they are reluctant to even come to their humans.  This will especially be the case if fireworks are going off in your area.    

We hope that you and your pets have an enjoyable, safe and Happy New Year.

Welcome 2021!


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