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Based in Virginia

The Pawtectors is ai 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing kids and teens humane education programs. Pawtectors originated as a result of an incredibly horrific case of animal abuse by a neighbor’s child to one of the founder’s beloved barn cats.

Debbie Henry, the Founder of Animal Angel Aid has created the PAWTECTORS, a fun & exciting opportunity for SUPER HERO, ANIMAL LOVING KIDS to unite to help make a difference for homeless animals.

This year-round innovative, online youth humane education program is targeted at children 9-12, and they don’t have to own a pet. There are plenty of homeless animals for PAWTECTORS super-heroes to help!

The Mission of the PAWTECTORS is to:

  • Teach and inspire animal compassion in all children
  • Teach and cultivate responsible pet ownership
  • Empower children to know they CAN be the “voice for those who cannot speak”
  • Provide opportunities to help homeless animals in their community
  • Create & cultivate WIN-WIN volunteer/philanthropy life-skills


PAWTECTORS’ Program donates 100% of profits back to rescue support programs to YouAreNotFURgotten Compassion Fund, Zippy’s Fund and affiliate partner rescues throughout the USA.